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Chestnut Honey Diseases

Chestnut Honey Diseases

Chestnut Honey comes from the diseases and methods of use are as follows. You can try these ways of use.


Chestnut honey is used in the treatment of asthma and if the patient is not in puberty, the disease is treated in 1 year.
Let’s start to help with chestnut honey and strengthen the body.
1/2 kg. Add 3 tablespoons of GINGER to the chestnut honey and stir until it reaches a paste consistency. To strengthen the immune system, 1 cup daily milk 1 QUARTER EGG and 2 teaspoons of ORGANIC chestnut honey add and mix and prepare 3 times a day to drink fresh and continue it for 1 year and your child’s appetite and color weakness and gradually weakness problem In addition, a pinch of fresh cress close to the same hours every day, soak it in organic caravan chestnut honey and consume will help to clean the bronchi.
NOTE: Do not discontinue this treatment if the doctor is prescribing medication and treatment. If you have carpets or carpets in your home, you should remove them, avoid dusty things such as blankets, use a water-added vacuum cleaner at home, and keep your child from looking at the computer for a long time, avoiding the smell of cigarette smoke, perfume and deodorant.

2-Diarrhea and diarrhea-related abdominal pain:

Boiled and chilled water (should be very cold) 1 glass of water, put 2 tablespoons and mix and continue for 2 days 2 days without having to pass diarrhea. If not, consult your doctor.


Add 1 tablespoon ORGANIC Chestnut HONEY to hot water so that it will not burn your mouth and you will feel the difference after 3 -4 hours to mix.


Boiled and warm water to put 1 tablespoon honey and honey sherbet and continue for 1 month will see the benefit Note: in the morning on an empty stomach to drink warm water and water is also recommended to drink a lot of stomach and stomach pain. you will feel your complaint by drinking honey syrup.


Before bedtime, put 1 teaspoon of honey in your mouth and do not eat or drink anything 3-4 times a day and you will see your throats healed.


6-DRY Cough (stink):

1 tablespoon ORGANIC chestnut honey, squeeze half a lemon and cough spells when you put 1 teaspoon in your mouth and in the evening when you put 1 teaspoon in your mouth, eat something and do not drink. or take a large radish, peel the peel thinly, and then put 3 tablespoons of organic chestnut honey into the vase like radish flour and put it on a booth so that the honey will flow from under the radish flour, and in the morning for 1 teaspoon of honey leaking through the radish flour. Continue for 1-2 days and your cough will stop completely. NOTE: If you have snarling in your breath you can treat it with chestnut honey and onion crushed with onion sprout coming out of the bowl in the form of bowls Put the chestnut honey into the jar and wait until morning crushed chestnut honey into the jar with the chestnut honey leaking into the morning. If you put 2-3 cloves of garlic is a natural medicine and your breath passes in the wheezing and prevents many diseases. Chestnut honey at breakfast and other times, do not miss your table. chestnut honey is a unique blessing to eat chestnut honey to your children also recommend chestnut honey to your friends


First throw 1 teaspoon of carbonate into a glass of water and rinse your mouth thoroughly with this 10 minutes later 1 teaspoon of ORGANIC Chestnut honey and sweep it in your mouth thoroughly, and swallow it again 2 days and see your mouth wounds healed and You will thank us.


Pine trees, such as bitter or pitty, take the sticky substance called 20 grams 50 grams of fresh butter 50 grams ORGANIC Chestnut Honey 50 grams of wax and bee hive melted propolis melted gauze melt melted mixture of gauze gauze soak it and tie it on top of the wound and renew it every day with these cloths. Do not use this mixture after 15 days.


1 tablespoon ORGANIC CHESTNUT WHITE powdered cinnamon and massage the aching area, wrap and wrap will help pass the pain.


Take 1 teaspoon of organic chestnut honey before going to bed in the evening Repeat the same process on an empty stomach in the morning benefits: Facilitates blood flow Prevents arteriosclerosis Prevents clotting in the blood Prevents clogging of the blood, helps the heart to function more regularly.

11-Jaundice Disease:

t is recommended to eat chestnut honey for breakfast or another meal. helps in the removal of harmful substances in the body strengthens the immune system protects against diseases contributes to the development of bone.

12-EMOROID (hemorrhoid):

Chestnut Honey comes from the diseases 70 degrees of water with 1 glass of water or 1 teaspoon of organic chestnut honey for 4-5 times a day and continue for 2-3 months, but still try not to eat things that should not be eaten bitter, sour, tomato paste, salty, and stay away from figs.


Stops prostate growth 1 cup of marrow with 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon of ORGANIC Chestnut HONEY Honey to make and feel urine while you feel urine and chestnut honey smell from your urine.


1 Glass of warm milk or water and drink sherbet


On an empty stomach and before you go to bed and drink sherbet.


1-2 hours in advance with fruit juice or water can be made and used as a syrup and allows you to stay fit and fit.not recommended with ready-made fruit juice.


3 tablespoons ORGANIC CHESTNUT HONEY Coriander, licorice goat horn molasses ground walnuts 2 teaspoons are thrown and mixed until it becomes a paste and 1 teaspoon is eaten in the morning, and you have to make your SEXY STRENGTH, but first you need to clear your mind and be comfortable, for infertility In addition, mother’s milk for this mixture, queen milk, male royal jelly is added to the solution and the percentage of receiving increases.


Chestnut Honey comes from the diseases 1 Crush garlic cloves into a puree and 1 tablespoon of organic chestnut honey in the morning before leaving home after breakfast with honey does not smell bad and balances your blood pressure.


Linden dry mint lemon peel tea is left to infuse for 15 minutes without boiling more than 1 minute after pouring into the glass is added ORGANIC Chestnut honey, we recommend a teaspoon, but it does not harm more and gripe is good.


Put 1 tablespoon of organic chestnut honey in a glass of milk in the morning on an empty stomach and repeat daily for 30 minutes before eating and add 1 teaspoon of ground walnut to 1 teaspoon of ground walnuts and eat both your appetite will decrease and your cholesterol will be regulated.


Chestnut Honey comes from the diseases When you get hungry every day half an hour before dinner 45-50 degrees 1 cup of water 1 tablespoon chestnut honey to make a sherbet in the evening if you feel hungry and eat the same process if you feel the hunger repeat your hunger feeling and will help you sleep and 10-15 days later you will feel that you have lost weight in a healthy way and that you do not want to eat as much as before.

22-VESSEL HARDNESS Vascular Occlusion and Blood Pressure:

Organic miracle of chestnut honey, garlic and lemon juice. In particular, the prescription of Cardiovascular diseases recommended by Russian and German scientists gives miraculous results. German, Russian and Swiss medical world has been using this for hundreds of years. 1 liter of freshly squeezed and unmixed lemon juice, mix 20 cloves of garlic and shake for 10 days in a cool bi room shake every day 10 days later, the garlic will melt in the lemon, half of this mixture from the glass of tea Add a tablespoon of organic karakovan chestnut honey into a little less forehead and on an empty stomach in the morning and repeat this until the mixture is over.


A study in Japan and Australia has been successful on stomach and bone cancers. Patients with such cancers should take one spoon of chestnut honey and one spoon of cinnamon three times a day for a month.


Make a mixture of chestnut honey and cinnamon and put it on bread instead of jam or marmalade every morning for breakfast.
This application protects patients from heart attacks by dissolving cholesterol in the arteries. With this application, people who have had a heart attack before, will be miles away from the second crisis.


Old Greek and Ayurvedic honey has been used for years to strengthen men’s sperm. If a strong man regularly eats 2 spoons of honey before going to sleep, his problems will be solved.
In China, Japanese and Far East countries, women who cannot conceive and want to strengthen their uterus have been effective for centuries by mixing with cinnamon and half a spoon of chestnut honey with a chewing gum during the day and slowly absorbed.


3 parts of honey, 1 part of the cream is made with cinnamon. This cream is applied on acne before sleep.
Wash with warm water in the morning. If it is applied daily for 2 weeks, it will remove acne. An equal amount of chestnut honey and cinnamon is applied in eczema, fungal and other skin infections.

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