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Does mad honey get you high

    Turkish Mad Honey

    Does mad honey get you high?

    This Honey the Sweetest but dangerous Way to Get You High!!!

    Yes, absolutely you are reading that right. There is a Halogenic honey or other names bitter honey,mad honey,Halogenic Honey,Rhododendron Honey that you can eat only one teaspoon of. Otherwise, you might be seriously poisoned, or even die.

    Honey is a miracle. It has various benefits for human health and has been eaten and used for many long years . But this honey is different. Deli bal , is a type of honey that is actually a poison. Deli bal  a neurotoxin that could cause hallucinations and get you stoned, even in small amounts.
    If you eat this mad honey more than is recommended by the locals, you could seriously overdose, be poisoned, or even die. The effects of mad honey were known in ancient times and was used as the first chemical weapon.Very interesting yes this is first chemical weapon in the history.Pontus saved his kingdom, and later it was recorded as the first chemical weapon in history

    Mad Honey-Bitter Honey,Rhedodendron honey

    This honey  has a dark, reddish color which contains a toxin and it’s name grayanotoxin that is collected from the nectar of a very specific type of rhododendron flower. There are more than 700 different species of rhododendron flowers in the world, but according to our knowledge just two or three include grayanotoxin in their nectars.You can find this flowers only at Turkey Blacksea region or Nepal

    Although it is a poison itself, this  honey has been used for its beneficial effects by locals for thousands of years. According to an ancient medical practice, people are using this honey as a sort of medicine. According to the locals, eating one teaspoon at least once a year develops the immune system.


    Locals are usingTurkish Mad Honey

    mad honey to cure diabetes, hypertension, treat aches and pains caused by arthritis and improving sexual performance. Locals also boil it up in milk and drink really teeny-weeny amounts before breakfast.


    But we say again If you eat this mad honey more than recommended amount, you get mad honey poisoning which could cause to extreme hallucinations, seizures, numbness, blurred vision, low blood pressure, fainting, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and death either.

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