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Mad Honey Poisoning and Symptoms

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    Mad Honey Poisoning and Symptoms

    Turkish Mad Honey  ( Deli Bal ) is an indispensable part of our tables, but there is a species in the Black Sea region that is quite dangerous. crazy honey can even be fatal in some cases.

    When consumed more than this type in the Black Sea region can cause health problems.

    Doctors say that you should take no more than one teaspoon. Those who do not follow the rules can have dangerous side effects.

    If you consume Turkish Mad honey ( Deli Bal ) containing more than one spoonful of grayanotoxin, you are at risk of mad honey poisoning. In the spring and summer honeys become fresh and may contain more grayanotoxins than other seasons. ”

    In mad honey poisoning; traditional methods such as washing the head and body with cold water, eating yoghurt with garlic and drinking salty buttermilk are used.

    It is vital to recognize poisoning in the early period and to perform medical intervention.

    When these side effects are noticed as a result of poisoning, a doctor should be consulted.

    Symptoms of poisoning are seen 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating honey, nausea, vomiting, severe hypotension and heart rhythm falling below 60 and fainting due to insufficient blood supply to the brain. It is a condition of poisoning, sweating, dizziness, double and blurred vision due to mad honey and excessive working of salivary glands. Patients may also experience the condition that no electrical activity is seen in the heart.

    Mad Honey Poisoning and Symptoms

    Nausea and vomiting
    Heart rhythm disorder
    Burning your throat
    Itching of mouth and tongue
    Redness of eyes or skin
    Temporary disability
    Loss of consciousness
    Blood pressure problem

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