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  1. The honey took only 1 week to arrive home in Italy, very quickly, and Melih contacted me from the very first moment to the end to make sure everything was going well with the shipment and to answer any possible questions about the honey. The honey arrived well packed and protected. For the moment I have eaten 3 full spoons of honey within an hour of each other and I have not felt any effects on the body or mind, tomorrow morning I will try to eat 2 full spoons as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach to see if anything changes. Anyway the honey is very good, great taste and color, nothing I’ve ever tried, I hope to feel the effects from the grayanotoxin. In case tomorrow goes better, I’ll be happy to give 5 stars to the product, which I’m sure requires commitment and work equally.

    Update 9 april
    I tried the honey again in the morning on an empty stomach, I took two full scoops, and after an hour a third but I didn’t feel any effect. I read on the site, and Melih himself explained to me, that it can depend on many factors, although perhaps for €120 including shipping, I expected some kind of tangible effect. Otherwise it remains a honey with a delicious taste, and I thank Melih for being available throughout the process.

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