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  1. Ettore Maffei (verified owner)

  2. Stuart C. (verified owner)

    I’m super happy with my purchase and super happy with Melih’s services. The honey is sweet with a chestnut aroma with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a slight bitter taste on the end so in flavour terms it’s a complex layer of flavours that are in my opinion the best tasting honey in the world that is super healthy for you,

    Melih the company owner is very kind and considerate and it’s been my experience from purchase to delivery that he has showed excellent care and respect for his customers so he has earned him self a loyal customer for the rest of his life and a friend. I will recommend his honey to anyone as it’s really a top quality product that comes with excellent service.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  3. John M. (verified owner)

    Delicious taste and a light buzz

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  4. Matthew M. (verified owner)

    Amazingly fast shipping, delicious and high quality! Will be back often

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  5. Patrick Papillo (verified owner)

    Very welcoming service and fast shipping ! I can only recommend the product also, a very sweet taste and pleasuring effect !

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I agree with what many other clients have already stated, Melih is a special person and an honest business man. He reminds us of what customer service should be everywhere you go. Best customer service ever!

    Delivery was so quick! I live in Puerto Rico and everything seems to take a little longer to get here, but not with Melih on the job!

    His Turkish Mad Honey is great!
    Great presentation, color, thickness, scent, and flavour.
    I know many of you are concerned with its effects, so I will detail our experience. I learned that TurkishMadHoney has their Mad Honey quality lab tested to guarantee the desired optimal levels of the Grayanotoxin in their product.

    I consumed 1 – 2 teaspoons of the product, (although the product states not to exceed 1 teaspoons) and I liked its effects. It makes me feel more relaxed and helps me with my sleep. I did drink alcohol one day that I consumed the mad honey, but it did not work well for me, I felt weird and sort of sick, so I suggest caution to anyone who want to try this combination.

    My boyfriend tried it and drank alcohol just like I did, but he told me that it did not have any adverse effects on him and he felt fine. I guess it varies from person to person, so again, just be cautious.

    My bf has consumed from 1 – 4 teaspoons gradually assessing his tolerance to it. He actually enjoyed surfing after consuming 2 teaspoons. He told me that the mad honey made him feel more relaxed, less anxious, and more focused, which probably helped him with the waves, and that it also helped him with his sleep. He felt a hightened self type of feeling, while managing to feel perfectly normal at the same time, and not feeling unlike himself (if that makes any sense).
    A different moment, he told me that it helped him with his reading as well. He told me he has A.D.D. When he reads, he constantly struggles to stay awake, and keeps involuntarily dozing off, even when fully rested. He told me that after consuming this Mad Honey, he picked up a textbook and he was able to stay focused without dozing off!
    I thought that was pretty amazing!

    Now he is thinking of gifting a large bottle of this Mad Honey to one of his brothers, because he has been taking Adderall for similar reasons (A.D.D.) for quite some time now. My bf is convinced this will help his brother too!

    We have not really tried getting a good buzz out off consuming the honey in excess. It was not our primay purpose when we decided to buy it and we preferred excercising caution, but we have experienced some effects taking it lightly, so we are pretty sure that if you consume enough you might have a different and more intense experience than we did.

    We wish you luck in your journey!

    Melih… Thanks again!

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  7. Sean Kalinoski (verified owner)

    Its potent and tastey. Arrived very fast too.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  8. Nilas D. (verified owner)

    This mad honey is legit. It give a little buzz and a relaxing sensation. Fast delivery. But beside that, Melih gotta get some credit. What he does, how he does it needs credit. He delivers, beside a legit and tasty mad honey, probably the best costumer service I’ve ever received. His an incredible man. Thanks again Melih!.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  9. Khalid S. (verified owner)

  10. Dean (verified owner)

    WOW fast delivery. Excellent top-notch packaging. Looking forward in trying out the honey. First time for me. Thank You. Take Care.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  11. Kevin Leemans (verified owner)

    If you are interested in mad honey this is the place to buy it!

    Have not seen its good price anywhere and the quality is great. Taste is delicious, slightly bitter and 1 tablespoon gives a relaxed buzz.

    Melih takes great care of the order and keeps in touch from start to finish and is friendly and helpful!

    Package was delivered a little later than planned because there were some misunderstandings at customs but this was well resolved by Melih

    Thanks my friend you mad honey really is the best!

    Yours sincerely, Kevin Leemans

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  12. Mokhtar B. (verified owner)

    Amazing shipment ,Great communication fron the Seller.What else to say!very happy custommer ,First class seller !will buy again.Thanks a lot.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  13. Niklas Nylén (verified owner)

    Awsome follow up on the transport with feedback on the journey, very high quality product witch really connects you with your heart. a fantastic product. Very high customer service minded, will definitly order again without a doubt. Best regards Niklas Nylén

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  14. Nicholas Dongas (verified owner)

  15. Cristian B. (verified owner)

    Best medicinal honey!

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  16. Julian (verified owner)

    Everything is fine, friendly contest, realy quick deliver and pretty good honey

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  17. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Hello Friend.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful product. This honey is so unique in taste and effect. Thank you for great communication through the whole process. This only took 5 days to arrive to Victoria B.C., Canada. I am overjoyed with this and am happy to have made a new friend. I give Turkish mad honey 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐+++++

    Thank You Melih, Kind Regards, Michael

    I will be in contact in the future for more I am sure!.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  18. Juan (verified owner)

    Thank you! Very fast delivery time and product was as described.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  19. Paul T. (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery and large jar so excellent value. Good tasting honey with nice mellow effect.

    Turkish Mad Honey 1 KgTurkish Mad Honey 1 Kg

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

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