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Turkish Chestnut Honey

Turkish Chestnut honey has a darker color than natural flower honey known to everyone and contains 2 times more iron than flower honey. Turkish Chestnut honey, which is recommended by many healthy nutritionists and dietitians, is also known as a honey variety obtained by bees from chestnut flowers since June. In addition to its dark brown appearance, it can be said that this honey, with its intense consistency, leaves a acidulous taste in its mouth with its light, bitter, sharp and bitter taste.

For those who are fully interested in the benefits of chestnut honey, which is distinguished by its unique taste, the benefits of this miraculous honey can be mentioned as a short item.

What are the Benefits of Turkish Chestnut Honey?

Has germicidal effect. With this feature, it can be a supportive treatment in many diseases in the body.
Turkish Chesnut Honey  makes the body resistant to diseases occurring in the cold months.
Turkish Chesnut Honey shows healing effects in throat infections.
Turkish Chesnut Honey has a softening effect on dry cough problems.
Turkish Chesnut Honey prevents harmful oxidative processes in the body with its antioxidant effect and allows the body to be cleaned.
Turkish Chesnut Honey shows therapeutic properties in lung diseases.
Turkish Chesnut Honey is a protective therapy against cancer types.
Heals wounds in the mouth.
Prevents excessive gas accumulation in the intestines.
Turkish Chesnut Honey facilitates digestion and facilitates easier digestion of foods consumed during the day.
Turkish Chestnut honey can be used as a constipation remedy by keeping water in the intestines.
Turkish Chesnut Honey regulates blood sugar and prevents people getting hungry fast during the diet.
Turkish Chesnut Honey has therapeutic properties in urinary bladder infections.
It is healer in the bone tissue.
It can be used in the treatment of asthma.
It may be preferred to improve diarrhea-related abdominal pain problems.
Chestnut honey, ulcer and gastritis problems in the burning of the stomach relieves.
It can be spread on the wound in the form of ointment and can provide rapid healing.
Light and moderate burns can be applied as a compress on the skin.
Chestnut honey accelerates blood circulation and allows the blood to move more comfortably in the body.
It is an effective preventive treatment against jaundice.
It can be consumed to remove hemorrhoids.
Chestnut honey stops prostate growth.
It is effective in pouring stones in kidneys.
It can be said that the benefits of this source of healing are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Accordingly, those who wish to know more about the benefits of chestnut honey can also review the following information:
Chestnut honey removes bad breaths.
It can be applied as a local application to the painful area and can show the pain relieving feature.
It can prevent problems such as arteriosclerosis.
It can protect blood vessels against many diseases by preventing blood clotting.
Chestnut honey is known for its cholesterol lowering effect.
It allows the heart to work healthier and stronger.
Eliminates the general weakness of the body and makes it much more energetic.
It removes the cramps occurring in the muscles and allows relaxation.
It is a natural treatment for men who want to increase sperm count.
It increases sexual power and enables both men and women to perform much better.
It is perfect for balancing blood pressure.
It is mixed with cress and becomes a natural mixture of expectorant when consumed.
It can provide relief in people struggling with shortness of breath.
It allows to sleep more comfortably.
Apply to face in the form of a mask to remove acne problems in the skin.
Prevents exfoliation on the skin.
It allows the eyes to see better.
It may be a source of healing against eye diseases such as cataracts.
It has the effect of relieving tooth pain.
It is effective in removing skin stains.
It is a good treatment option in rheumatism problems.
It can be preferred as a natural therapy in sciatica problems.
It is therapeutic in psoriasis.
Chestnut honey, tonsils is good for inflammation.
Relieves the pain in the chest.
It is good for headaches.
Strengthens memory.

Who Can Consume?

It can be mentioned that people who want to see the benefits of chestnut honey and who are hesitant to consume this honey should pay attention to some points. According to this, it can be said that the patients with diabetes, pregnant women who have a pregnancy problem, those who have the risk of having this disease, those who struggle with insulin resistance and those who have polycysticover syndrome should not consume chestnut honey without consulting a specialist doctor.

How Should To Consume?

It is said that it is enough to eat one tablespoon before the morning, lunch and dinner for those who say what is the benefit of chestnut honey and who want to know how to consume this honey in the most accurate way.

Chestnut honey, which can be consumed with a few cloves of garlic and a few drops of lemon in the case of heart, vein and similar internal diseases, can be applied directly to the skin by mixing with oat flour or melted wax when it is necessary to form ointment for skin surface. Individuals who want to increase their sexual power is recommended to consume this honey together with royal jelly.

It is sufficient to apply chestnut honey mixed with powdered cinnamon when it is to be applied locally to the painful area. One tablespoon of chestnut honey, which can be mixed with 1 teaspoon of carbonate in the treatment of intra-oral wounds, is necessary in order to show the effect after consumption of the honey in the mouth. It can be said that people who want to benefit from chestnut honey benefit from stomach problems can consume this honey again after 1 meal spoon.

Where i can buy This Miraculous Turkish Chesnut Honey

Honeybees procure our Chestnut Honey from the blossoms of the chestnut trees growing in the Black Sea region Turkey . Does not contain any additives. A very delicate, special honey. For anyone who does not like too sweet a honey, this is worth a try.We don’t put additives into our honey and we don’t heat treat or pasteurise our honey, ensuring that it arrives to you exactly as the bees made it.

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