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Turkish Mad Honey and Cancer

    Turkish Mad Honey

    Turkish Mad Honey and Cancer

    80-85 percent of Mad honey or Turks say Deli Bal  consists of glucose, fructose and other sugars. So in general it looks like sugary water.

    However, the phenolic compounds, proteins, enzymes and vitamins / minerals found in it reveal the difference of honey.

    By adding Turkish Mad honey ( Deli Bal ) to herbal teas, it increases the antioxidant effect of teas up to 60 times.

    Adding Turkish Mad honey ( Deli Bal ) to tea increases the effect of black and green tea, which is already known for its high antioxidant effect, by four times and 60 times the antioxidant effect of linden tea.

    It has been observed that Turkish mad honey or Deli bal in Turkish experimentally inhibits the development of various cancer cells, whereas counterfeit honey – on the contrary – provides the development of cancer cells. This is a really important finding. As the bees walk around to collect nectar, the nectars contain polyphenolic compounds from pollen. These polyphenolic substances provide the effect of honey against cancer.

    Turkish Mad  honey ( Deli Bal ) is said to increase sexual power … Is it scientifically correct?

    Yes, the study in rabbits significantly increases the level of male hormone testosterone. It was also found to increase sperm viability and number.

    Turkish Mad  honey ( Deli Bal ) increases the viability and number of sperm. Effective against infections with high antibiotic effect. In the experimental environment, he dragged the cancer cells to suicide. Maybe it’il be cancer.

    Several studies have confirmed the inhibitory, reproductive and reproductive effects of honey on rodent breast cancer or cancer in rodents.

    Other forms of cancer:
    A number of studies have been conducted on the anti-cancer properties of honey and have been found to be effective in the following species:

    • Bladder
    • Endometrial
    • Renal cell carcinoma
    • Skin cancer cells
    • Cervical
    • Small cell lung cancer
    • Oral cancer
    • Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)

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